The Lakeland Aero Club is a not-for-profit high school flying club with the focus of developing members' interest in all aspects of the aviation industry. Members of the Aero Club participate in aviation-related activities that expand and encourage their interest and knowledge of aviation.


Project Skylab

We would like to congratulate Sun N Fun and the Aerospace Center for Excellence on Project Skylab!The new facility looks amazing! Skylab is sure to grant nothing but the latest in state of the art technology and learning environments to help foster the next generation of aviation and STEM professionals! Be sure to stop by if you can!

Check out our newest promotional videos!

During the week of SNF '21, the Lakeland Aero Club built a kit-cub and its engine- all in a week. The build included the fuselage, wings, and powerplant. Check out the videos below that highlight our progress.

The image below highlights our progress and achievements...