The Lakeland Aero Club is a not-for-profit high school flying club with the focus of developing members' interest in all aspects of the aviation industry. Members of the Aero Club participate in aviation-related activities that expand and encourage their interest and knowledge of aviation.

COVID-19 Updates

During the summer, we were forced to close due to the COVID pandemic. However, we saw the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds doing fly by's to show their support for the community, so we decided to do the same. On a beautiful morning a little while ago, the Lakeland Aero Club took off in formation to begin flying over Watson Clinic, Lakeland Fire Department, Lakeland Police Department, among other locations. It was an honor to use our position to help the community during the strenuous time of the pandemic and help show our support for those who work tirelessly to keep us safe.  

The image below highlights our progress and achievements...

LAC members presenting a canvas print of our fly by to Sheriff Grady Judd