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Member Information

Potential New Members: For potential membership into the Lakeland Aero Club first year students will be required to participate in the freshman flight program and complete prerequisite programs offered through the Aerospace Center of Excellence prior to consideration. Information for those programs can be found on the ACE website. Upon completion of the ACE programs prospective LAC members will be required to participate in 2 semesters of BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) forums with a minimum participation rate of 80% for forums designated as “core” which will be offered at least 4 times per semester in order to maintain membership. BLUF forums that are geared towards new members will cover multiple sectors of aviation and will provide a solid foundation to participate at the LAC and in the aviation industry safely and professionally. The BLUF schedule will be posted to our website and social media as it is finalized. We also encourage students to monitor announcements made during the school day at CFAA to stay up to date on the BLUF program, as well as different programs being offered through ACE. For parents looking to stay informed we encourage you to monitor announcements from ACE on social media as well as the PLANES group for up-to-date announcements. More information can be found by contacting them at Please keep in mind that due to the limited capacity of the Lakeland Aero Club, priority for membership will be given to FAA certificate holders (student pilot or higher) and CFAA students. The LAC will not have open enrollment for freshman students, freshman participation at the LAC will be determined by participation in programs offered through ACE


Returning Members: The club will reopen shortly after school returns, please monitor announcements

made at CFAA to stay up to date on when the club will be open. We encourage parents to monitor the

PLANES group for announcements regarding the Lakeland Aero Club more information can be found by contacting them at


Lakeland Aero Club Schedule: The club generally operates in accordance with the Polk County Public

Schools calendar from the hours of 1:30-5:00 PM discrepancies will be posted on the Lakeland Aero Club

social media accounts and an announcement will be made at CFAA. We encourage students and parents

to monitor the LAC Instagram and Facebook pages. Please keep in mind that members must be able to

be picked up by 5:00 PM.


September 6th the LAC will reopen for returning members that possess a student pilot certificate or higher. Additionally the LAC will begin accepting new applications for CFAA students that possess a student pilot certificate or higher as well as returning members from CFAA. The LAC will also begin taking sign ups for freshman flights, students must be present to sign up.

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