3. Unique aircraft!

While at Triple Tree, the amount of air traffic alone is quite intriguing, but there are also some interesting aircraft that come in, such as light jets or turboprops!

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High School Flying Club


During the fly-in, Triple Tree hosts an incredible night RC aircraft show. The show highlights the unique talents of the RC pilots that attend the annual Joe Nall RC event at Triple Tree.

4. Awesome food!

In true southern fashion, the food at Triple Tree is superb. For dinner, you can cook your own food on a massive grill, making every dinner personalized to your desire. It is a very unique experience!

The Lakeland Aero Club is a not-for-profit high school flying club with the focus of developing members' interest in all aspects of the aviation industry. Members of the Aero Club participate in aviation-related activities that expand and encourage their interest and knowledge of aviation. 

2. Awesome amenities!

Triple Tree has some pretty neat features! There is a large hangar holding some very unique aircraft, as well as an area dedicated to remote control aircraft simulators to play with!

The image below highlights our progress and achievements...

Making Tomorrow's Greatest Aviators...Today!

On Sunday, June 23rd 2019, Lakeland Aero Club members arrived home from the second annual Triple Tree Youth Aviators Fly-In. The event was a smashing success. Thank you to Triple Tree Aerodrome for inviting us out, and we look forward to next year!


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1: Amazing location!

‚ÄčTriple Tree Aerodrome is located on a massive plot in South Carolina, and features breathtaking sights!


Triple Tree boasts a breath-taking 7000-foot long grass runway. The runway is constructed of buttery-smooth golf course-like grass that makes landing a special event!