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​​​On November 18, 2016, the Lakeland Aero Club opened the grass runway, 8-26, with the Lakeland Lindor Airport and was honored with an aerobatic ribbon cutting performed by Patty Wagstaff in her EA-330LX. 

The Lakeland Aero Club is a not for profit High School flying club with a focus of attaining youths interest in all aspects of the aviation industry. Members of the Aero Club partake in many aviation related activities that help expand their interest and knowledge as they pertain to the success of future generations.

Patty Wagstaff and major benefactor, Mr. James C. Ray, chatting it up at the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Currently, Lakeland Aero Club members are working on three projects. We are restoring two 1939 Taylorcrafts and one Schweizer 2-22 glider all for use of the club.

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Our brave members Trevor Penix, Joseph Verdone, PJ Ohsiek, and Michael Jenkins held the ribbon poles while supervised by Vice-President, Donovan Richards, as Patty Wagstaff flies over to cut the ribbon with the propeller for the audience of the Central Florida Aerospace Academy and other reputable spectators.