The Lakeland Aero Club is very grateful to have such outstanding and supportive Sponsors. We strive to create great relationships with successful businesses and passion filled individuals, who share the same dream we do. The Lakeland Aero Club is all about teaching and inspiring young adults about aviation. Giving them the tools and the skills they need to have a successful future and career in the aviation industry. Teaching students how to fly, how to restore and work on many variety of aircraft, and how to become professional adults is what we do. 

Making Tomorrow's Greatest Aviators, Today!

     Our Sponsors have helped in such a big way, by providing the tools necessary to do the job. Some have donated money to help with restoration projects, to help teach these young adults how to restore an airplane, and some have volunteered their time and resources to teach in the areas they are capable of teaching. The Lakeland Aero Club relies strongly on our Sponsors and is very appreciative for the time and money they have spent towards our mission. We thank each and every business and individual that has helped in the passed, the ones helping in the present, and the ones that will help in the future, for making tomorrow's greatest aviator's today!