​The purpose of the Lakeland Aero club is to promote a passion for aviation. We encourage all of our members to strive in every aspect they get involved in throughout the aviation industry. Our members have plenty of opportunities to get hands on experience in aircraft restoration, maintenance, and flying antique general aviation airplanes.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lakeland Aero club is to make tomorrow's greatest aviators today by providing hands on experience in restoring, maintaining, and flying antique general aviation airplanes. 

Making Tomorrow's Greatest Aviators, Today!

Corporate Background​​​

​The Lakeland Aero club is a 501c3 not for profit high school flying club that was originated in 2011. The original founders of the club purposed the organization to give an opportunity to the high schools students of Polk county, Florida to get involved in the aviation industry. The club operates as a standalone entity under its own corporate status, but primarily relies on the funding of different sponsors or benefactors. The club has an official board of directors, as well as a general staff. Primarily, the club consists of high school and college age students as members with other adult volunteers, staff, or mentors that administrate the organization.